Convenience Printer Services

Students, faculty and staff may print documents on any convenience printer located in the various students labs and in some common areas.

How to Print

  1. When you are logged in with your NetID and print from any application, your job will be sent to the print queue.
  2. When you go to a printer of your choice:
    1. Tap your card on the reader
    2. Select the job you want to print
    3. Verify the cost
    4. Select "print"

Costs for Copying and Printing

  • One sided (single) copy or printed page:
    • Black/White: $.10 per page
    • Color: $.50 per page
  • Two-sided (or duplex) copy/print:
    • Black/White: $.20 per two-sided/duplex page
    • Color: $1 per two-sided/duplex page

Note: If you do not have sufficient funds to pay for what you want to print, you can go to a KCash terminal or visit the KCash Manager to add funds to your account.

Assistance is available in the libraries and student labs. However, if you are in another location and have trouble with a copier/printer, call 470-578-6999 to talk to the help desk.