Faculty and Staff Copier Services

Costs for Copying and Printing

  • One sided (single) copy or printed page:
    • Black/White: $.06 per page
    • Color: $.30 per page
  • Two-sided (or duplex) copy/print:
    • Black/White: $.12 per two-sided/duplex page
    • Color: $.60 per two-sided/duplex page

Please note that there is no charge for the Ricoh devices themselves and that paper is supplied by the University.

Scan to Email

Copier Services and University Information Technology Services are pleased to announce the release of Scan to Email. This new function is coming to Ricoh printers across campus. Our goal is to have this additional feature installed on all Faculty/Staff printers by the end of January 2021.

Scan to Email allows users to scan a document, and instead of it going directly to a network drive, it is sent to a designated email address. We encourage users to adopt the easy-to-use Scan to Email tool. This new feature allows users more flexibility for reviewing their scanned documents by letting them determine where and on what device they retrieve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Scanned files are accessible for up to 30 days within the email message sent to the email address entered. If you would like to retain the file, please download it and save it to an appropriate and secure location such as OneDrive.
  • Yes, you can add addresses for people outside of KSU. After you tap "Scan to Email,” tap "Manual Entry." Then type in the full email address and then tap "Okay."
  • Yes, you can continue to search for addresses and add people in the TO, CC, or BCC field as needed.
  • Please contact the KSU Service Desk for faculty and staff at 470-578-6999 or service@kennesaw.edu.
  • The Scan to Drive feature will continue to be available through the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Users who are unable to use Scan to Email are encouraged to reach out to the KSU Service Desk at 470-578-6999 or service@kennesaw.edu for alternate solutions.
  • Please continue using the Scan to Drive option for data defined as confidential rather than the Scan to Email option. More information will be distributed as we move to sunset Scan to Drive.

Recycle Your Ink and Toner Cartridges

Campus Postal Services makes it easy to return your used ink and toner cartridges.

  1. When you receive a new ink or toner cartridge keep the prepaid label and box that the manufacturer provides.
  2. When you are ready to recycle your cartridges, place your used cartridge in the empty box, seal the box, and place the prepaid shipping label on the box.
  3. Put the sealed, labeled box with your outgoing mail for Campus Postal to pick up.

No need to e-mail, enter work orders or make phone calls; just leave your used cartridges with the outgoing mail. Don’t have a box or shipping label? Campus Postal will still pick up cartridges left with your outgoing mail.

For help with a machine malfunction, contact the Help Desk at 470-578-6999 or service@kennesaw.edu.

Kennesaw State University is deeply committed to respecting the legal and intellectual property rights of authors of written bodies of work and other copyrighted materials. Faculty, especially, often have questions regarding copyright compliance and the ability to use copies of copyrighted material as part of their curriculum. Please read the Kennesaw State University Library System Copyright Policies that governs KSU with regards to the use of copyright works in education and research as established by University System of Georgia Copyright Code.