• KSU’s Copy/Print Services offers multiple options for copying and printing on campus from wireless printing to a full-service UPS Store.

    • State-of-the-art Ricoh multi-function printers (combo black/white and color copiers/printers) are located throughout campus in nearly every building.
    • Students, faculty and staff use their campus ID cards to copy and print on campus.

    Copy/Print Services department has contracted with Ricoh to provide all multi-function printers, including all consumables (staples, toner, etc.) except paper, on a cost per impression basis. By KSU only having to pay for paper, this arrangement helps keep the cost of education as low as possible as expenses are based solely on consumption.

    In addition to the multi-function printers, we also offer students, faculty and staff with KSUPrint, a web-based, wireless printing option to send print jobs to any printer of your choice from any computer on campus with an Internet connection. A valid KSU Net ID is required.

    Contact us with any questions or suggestions at 470-578-6999 or copyprint@kennesaw.edu.